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    I allow the physical material I am working with stay fresh and alive. The image I hold in my head or observe with my eyes, and the material I use to put it to canvas or paper create something that is neither purely abstract nor figurative, but rather something in between. I'm telling stories as I observe the world, but the act of painting allows the narrative and image to evolve as it is told and seen.

    Song Path 1

    Songpath Painting


    Acrylic, Dry Pigment, and Ink on Canvas


  • Landscapes

    Binary Star System

    Colorado Memory II

    Lanscape Sketch I

    Landscape with Three Suns

    Found Landscape VIII

    Twin Lakes Colorado II

    Swarm and Lake

    Improvisation Pink

    Pink Summer Pond

  • Bird Paintings

    Green Sky Prairie Chicken

    Prairie Chickens and Chick

    Prairie Chicken II

    Hiding Bird

    Bird with Two Horizons

    Moon for Phineas

    Moon for Phineas II

    Dark Nest

  • Still Life

    Studio Jungle II

    Orchid I

    Orchid II

    Orchid III

    Orchid IV

    Orchid VII

    Orchid VIII


  • Song Path

    With the Song Path project, I have allowed audio to influence my decisions. By listening to Whitewater Songpath from composer and musician Ryan Ingebritsen,  I have always surrounded myself with musicians and use drawing as a way to connect with performers while sitting in the audience. Making work to music allows me to actively and physically listen to sound. My marks, color, and textures are dance steps that are coaxed into choreography by the influence of the audio.

    Song Path minutes 0-11

    Song Path Drawing: Last 10 minutes

    Songpath Painting

    Green Songpath with Multiple Suns

    Song Path I

    Song Path II

    Song Path IV

    Song Path V

    Song Path Sketch I

    Song Path Sketch II

    Song Path Sketch III

    Song Path with Bird

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